World Music Ensemble April 2022

World Music Ensemble (University of Calgary) and Rohub Ensemble on stage.

April 10 2022, Rozsa Centre, U of C.

Both In-person and Livestream
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Neda Ighani is the main vocal singer with Rohub. She is an expert in Persian Classical music and has been singing clasical, folk and some fusion songs with Rohub Ensemble.

Nikki is a Santour Player and it is her first experience on stage with Rohuab Ensemble.

Jian Horian, Tar player, has been with Rohub in several concerts but it is the first time he plays Tar.

Vafa plays Hammered Dulcimer. He also writes music for varieties of instruments from different cultures and tries to make fusion music mixing Persian and Classical Music. He has arranged three pieces for Piano, Violin, Santour, Tar, Tabla, Clarinet and Erhu at this concert.